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Auto Electrics & vehicle Diagnostics in Tunbridge Wells and Surrounding Area
I have worked in the mechanical electrical vehicle field since leaving Dunoon grammar school in 1986, and started as an apprentice to a time served marine engineer, since then I have been working as a mechanic for various companies in the Plant, HGV and Marine industry which involved various tasks including engine rebuilds and repairs, welding, shot blasting and resprays and fabrication on various boats, cars, HGV, complete re-wiring of US navy vessels to M.O.D standards. Vehicle servicing and maintenance to a small fleet of vans lorries and cranes. Since moving from Scotland I have been working around Kent in Plant and HGV industry and in 1995 I studied motor vehicle engineering which was the BTEC MOTOR VEHICLE ENGINEERING, a 2 year course which I completed in 1 year gaining best 2nd year student and winning the 'Dutton Forshaw Award'. I realised that I could better use my skills and experience becoming self-employed and gain some independence to use my skills as I choose. I like to think that I can solve any problem put my way and understanding the needs of businesses and individuals alike, I realise that the cost of vehicle maintenance can become an expensive necessary evil, and make it my aim to cut these costs where ever possible, as i have no real fixed costs like a mainstream garage I can cut the costs to you as a general rule by halving the cost of any genuine quote for most work as there are some limitations to what can be done quickly and efficiently out in the field, a good example i am often asked to do are clutches so my rule here is i only do rear wheel drive vehicles on the road or in the garage. The reason being is after doing some transverse mounted front wheel drive cars which most are “look under the bonnet if the engine is mounted left to right then its transverse mounted” i reckon as general cost its about £450-£500 for me to do it an honest garage should be around £350 -£400 so a garage is your best option for these cars “ the reason being is it takes me a long time climbing on the floor and then standing up and doing this over a few hours takes a lot longer than a garage with a ramp” rear wheel drive is mainly done underneath and i often do rear wheel drives vans and cars etc. Also major servicing can be done this way and major repairs over weekends, engine changes, pumps rebuilds, this can sometimes be a problem due to supply of spare parts as everyone is closed, I will work with you to get the parts possible required and hope that nothing else is needed to complete the work if this is the case i will aim to get the vehicle back into working condition while the appropriate parts become available which i can arrange for any vehicle at a percentage of the parts cost (See costs for info - Click here). Contact Information Adam Hooper Tel:   07944 186458