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Auto Electrics & vehicle Diagnostics in Tunbridge Wells and Surrounding Area

Servicing & general repairs.

I will do just anything which is related to a broken or misbehaving car, if its brake pads to suspension joints, noisy engine,  rattly suspension or just a basic service, now the most important thing you can do to maintain your engine and car is a regular oil change which wont actually cost you much average price is oil filter £4 to £8,  most cars hold around 5 litres of engine oil £18 to £30 depending on oil specifications. roughly ½ labour so £30  so approx £50 to £70 i would recommend every 4000 miles and if you want to do the job thoroughly then we can use flushing oil for a full clean out an extra £15 and another ¼ hr. i don’t just change filters for the sake of it so if air filter is good then leave, fuel filters well they can be expensive & its rare to have a blocked fuel filter unless you have been filling your car with cans a lot. pollen filter perhaps now and again 

MOT Testing

Although i am not an MOT garage i can arrange MOT tests to be done and all work completed to MOT standards, my rule of thumb for MOT tests is if your car is on the older end of the scale and you often are left with large repair bills then it would be worth allowing me to arrange the MOT test and do any work need prior to the test and any subsequent work after if needed. being in the motor industry i have a working arrangement with various garages with garages who know me and wont try and fleece me, if your car is newer and don’t get large bills then by all means take it for MOT yourself and see what happens we can then arrange for repairs to be done at your leisure.


I recently purchased a small workshop near High Brooms train station where i can do minor bodywork repairs and spray painting i am not an insurance approved garage so we are talking basic repairs and clean ups which cant or wont be paid for by insurance or older cars which just need a minor repair

Commercial Fleet Care

I have worked on large HGV and LCV vehicles and know the ins and outs of repairs and test standards for these types of vehicles and can do diagnostics on various commercial vehicles including MAN , Volvo ,Iveco please ask if your is not on the list. many of my customers are owners of large horse-boxes, i can supply and fit reversing cameras and reversing/parking sensors all done on site at a time that suits you.

Vehicle Diagnostics & electronics

I have been purchasing and dealing much more with vehicle diagnostics and have devices which can communicate with various manufacturers but the list is not endless and although manufacturers were made to conform to ISO standards they still found ways of shutting out small garages e.g. purchased a Volvo device , turns i have full access to the vehicle systems but to make any changes Volvo made it so only the Volvo garages can make changes by downloading apps from there internal website thus making it impossible for small garages to do most repairs.  i have devices which will connect with Renault/Vauxhall     CAN CLIP Volvo                       VIDA Jaguar Landrover    JLR General diagnostics ELM327 General cars           Delphi ds150e Autocom cdp+ Mercedes Group     STAR Toyota                     Techstream VW Audi Skoda Group VAG com

Diagnostics & investigative work 90%

I often find myself in receipt of cars no one has found the fault or have given up with, i have a take it apart and understand how each individual system works and using my knowledge of mechanics, electrics, fluids i can usually sort any problem i would give myself a 90% success rate, which means i have given up on some cars eventually when i can no longer find a path a recent example was a Jaguar with a battery drain i believe its was one of the control modules staying active after switch of but without accurate wiring diagrams and detailed information about components sometimes you just have to give up the modules were expensive and had to be programmed by Jaguar main dealer. so sometimes i can fix it. oil or fluid leaks have always been a source of my work and recently had a Benford roller with a strange oil and diesel leak which was sorted after much investigation. 

Common rail diesel High pressure diesel injection

The new industry standard injection system in the older conventional system fuel injection pressure would be around 250 to 300 bar to increase power output from the diesel injection pressures increased dramatically to around 2000 + bar with multiple openings of the injectors, with this much pressure you just know things are going to go wrong eventually, Poor starting uneven running, no power or complete non runner. test on these system cant be done conventionally , laptop will give you access to the fuel rail pressures, if it is to low the injectors wont open and no firing will happen. dont mess around with the high pressures can easily penetrate you skin. cracking injector pipes open wont help as if there is insufficient pressure ECU wont fire the injectors. i have tool for simulating fuel pressure issues in the rail which can be due to damaged high pressure fuel pump. non functioning rail pressure valve or injectors leaking to much fuel back from there return lines, use of noid lights will enable you to check for injection pulses from the ECU.