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First steps

Engine wouldn’t start for customer, suggested on the phone bleed the fuel system, try easi start. customer unhappy with using easi start or not sure about bleeding diesel system. On arrival lets bled the fuel system starting from the tank, crack off fuel outlet as fuel pouring from here move to the two filters again crack off pipes and check for diesel, follow pipes down to the fuel pump and old in-line from CAV usually two bolts below the fuel rail plenty of diesel here as well, crack off the three injector feed pipes and crank engine over until diesel comes from them , tighten pipes and attempt start , sometimes a little burst of easi start will just through it over a bit quicker and speed the whole process up. The thing to do with easi start is to do it in small amounts and i wouldn’t recommend it on single cylinder petrol engines diesel you might get away with like old Lister or petter engines. Tractor now running normally although have now taken it apart to redo the cylinder head as she is a bit smoky and down on power october 2023  I have been seeing a lot of smaller petrol engined cars with poor performance and reduced power, i have had positive results from customers switching to premium grade fuel, the change from 5% to 10% bio ethanol fuels is having a detrimental effect on smaller engined cars more than the high powered engines. run on premium grade for at least three fillups and then say every third fill up.

This challenges!!

1948 Grey Massey Ferguson tractor fitted with a 3 cylinder Perkins 3T engine had a fuel feed problem and also suffering from lower power and excessive smoke, time to investigate the engine and injectors.