Welcome to All Repairs

All repairs is a company serving the needs of individuals and companies alike, I aim to provide a reliable friendly and honest service.

I'm based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, as much as much as I like the rest of the UK I don't really travel more than 15 miles , unless it is a big job worth the travel time.....You wont be happy if i travel for an hour just to change a fuse.

Whatever your company or personal needs are for mechanical services, I have experience working on cars,vans, plant equipment, garden tractors and have spent a lot of time on auto electrics.

I have the equipment to connect to a majority of diagnostic connectors, but check first! I operate a "Cant connect don't charge policy" if you bring vehicle to me.

 Renault CAN clip diagnostics tool available which allows a full connection to all Renault's , Dacias & with a degree of guessing Renault based vehicles Vauxhall vans etc.

BMW Diagnostics tool available for fault finding on K Series motorcycles.

I will come to your place of work and perform minor and major repairs check out services for more details, some jobs with the best will in the world are just not possible physically and financially on site, contact me for more details.

Advantages of being mobile for customers are not always obvious but some of the major reasons are:

No need to travel to garage or get back home

Vehicle always available on site to see progress

No imaginary broken parts

I will show you any parts in need of repair

Full explanation of pending faults and recommendations

Time can be monitored by customer

As a basic rule I will half the cost of a garage cost as I don't have the expenses of a garage, example garage quotes for services range from 250.00 for basic service, I can usually half the cost. timing belt replacement Renault Clio 240.00, actual cost 95.00.

Toyota Hilux rear wheel bearing and seal assembly, garage quote 500.00 , actual cost to customer 190.00 inc parts, no nonsense repairs.

Vehicle usually stays on site so you can see what is being done and how long it has taken to complete.

All repairs has full public liability insurance, and you are covered for damages, and loss.

All repairs has car insurance for vehicles up to 25,000.00 fully comprehensive cover. so your vehicle is insured and protected.

Whatever you have been quoted please feel free to get a quote for any work, I aim to leave all vehicles in a drive-able condition so no waiting for parts, which will be sourced quickly and economically and fitted at the earliest opportunity.

I will always try to source parts from the best cost suppliers and will get and use second-hand components if required which most times will prove economical although bear in mind that this type of repairs will limit any guarantee as to the parts, customers are welcome to source there own parts and bypass my handling and arrangement fees this is sometimes not viable as incorrect parts received will result in yours and my time wasted, please bear these things in mind.

Contact Information

Adam Hooper

Tel: 1st 07944 186458

Landline: 01892 710603

Skype : adamhoops