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Case studies

 So i try now to focus on electrical faults more interesting and often more rewarding,

Phone conversation with owner of Fiat 500 2012, rear number palte lights not working and intermitent other boot electrical issues. suggested that often the wires that travel through a rubber conduit break as the boot is opened and closed, car came to gagareg. First step to check the what faults are occuring , both number plate lights not on , tried to manipulate rubber conduit in differnt points no difference. remove both ends of rubber was clear there was at least one broken wire a yellow and green. to repair it was going to be necessary to open up the rear boot assembly to gain access to the wiring loom, disconnect all the plugs and positioning grommets. Pulled enough slack down through into the gap between the bot lid and the car. the rubber conduit wouldnt move due to loads of fabric wrap tape, remove enough to slid the conduit up the wiring loom , from this position it could be seen there where two snapped wires the yellow and green and a thin black cable , also the wire is of a poor quality very hard making it brittle. there were several wires where the outer protective lini8ng was damaged and exposed. so fit heat shrink to breaks and solder up joints, wrap repaired cables with tape reassemble all removed parts and test number plate lights all working so can now go for its MOT re-test. JOB DONE